Lighting Repair

Lighting the Way for Over 20 Years

Lighting the Way for Over 20 Years

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Lighting Repair in Shreveport & Bossier City, LA and Marshall, TX

When a lighting system or fixture fails to work when or how you need it to, one of the most common modern conveniences suddenly turns to a liability. Lighting repair is more than simply a connection to a circuit or a switch. The reasons for a failure in lighting can be as numerous as the type of fixtures you might have in your home or business.

Isolating the original reason for lighting failure is the first and most important factor of lighting repair. Whether the fault comes from a bulb, a fixture, a wire, a circuit, or some other issue, it’s necessary to find the reason for the fault in order to not only repair it, but also to prevent future faults of a similar type in the rest of the building’s lighting.

Unless you have many years of experience in electrical repairs, attempting lighting repair by yourself can cause even more damage to the building. This is important not only in residential repairs but in all manner of commercial and industrial applications, as well. Our licensed electricians at Jack Spring Electrical have experience across all types of lighting repair and lighting systems. This includes large industrial and commercial applications, as well as smaller residential lighting requirements.

With over twenty years in business in the Shreveport & Bossier City, LA and Marshall, TX areas, we remain family owned and operated. Our years of experience and high-quality workmanship allow us to invest in our community, with results that stand the test of time. This allows our customers to call us first when they need assistance on other projects and to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We look forward to working with you!