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Letter to Jack from a Satisfied Customer

"Dear Jack,

Jonathan and Grayson just left our office at Center for Hand Surgery after fixing several issues. Some of which I wasn't even aware.

For example; when they replaced the 400 watt bulb used for our outdoor lights on the building, they found that the coating on the wires had disintegrated and had to be replaced. Seeing the damaged wires was very scary but they are always so reassuring and efficient, it put me at ease.

They definitely had a workout in the attic climbing around to fix can lights and ballasts. They even swept the porch off after replacing the overhead light because a mud dauber's nest had crumbled onto it.

I have had several electrical companies for our building in the last 10 years we've been here, but now, Jack Spring will be the only one we use. I had Jonathan and Grayson here once before and they are the reason I called your company this time when I needed electrical help. They also did some work on the house I share with my sister on Winged Foot Drive. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone.

Very sincerely,
Donna Kim, Administrator
Center for Hand Surgery"


"Diagnosed a faulty outlet, replaced a circuit breaker: Person on the phone was courteous when scheduling the service call. Technician arrived at the scheduled time and identified/repaired the problem very quickly. The whole experience could not have gone more smoothly!"

"Installed a security light outside (had to run power to the area, as well). Repaired a wiring issue inside the building. They were prompt, friendly and professional."

"Fast, punctual, and friendly service. Came to do the service in the same morning I placed the call. Dispatcher said they had just finished a job and could come right away!! Doesn't get any better than that!! Would will definitely call them again and again."

"Very nice electrician --- friendly, helpful, thorough. The whole job was well done and I am 100% satisfied."

"We contacted Jack Spring Electrical Contractors to repair some minor issues prior to the sell of my mother-in-law's house. The receptionist was cheerful, polite and knowledgeable. They were willing to work with us despite the fact that we live in another state. They got the work done within a few days. We were very satisfied with them."

"Timely quote provided and discussed ways to reduce costs."

"Responded the same day. Extremely professional! Honest, priced right."

"Had a problem with flickering lights that was very annoying. Contractor was very courteous and prompt. Within 30 minutes he discovered the problem was a bad ground wire at the service entrance. Problem solved, all within 1 hour. Very pleased with service and would definitely recommend this company. "

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